My name is Szymon Szabatowski, and I live, breath and eat Facebook advertising.

For years, I specialize in helping businesses to increase their sales through Facebook paid customer acquisition.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on advertising on Facebook for the campaigns for e-commerce stores, online courses and coaches have helped me to understand Facebook and its laws in depth.

Unlike other agencies, by working with me, you can be sure that I take responsibility for the entire marketing process from building a sales funnel to advertising creations and everyday optimization.

If you have an online store, you are a coach, or you sell online courses, I will gladly talk to you. Book a free strategy session, and I can help elevate your profit to the whole new level.

Let’s make it happen!

Real business – Real effects

Business type:

Ecommerce – Wholesale


$2207.90 spent, $98269.52 in sales in 34 days.

Business type:

Personal coach & Online course


$1984.37 spent, $6713.75 in sales in first 28 days.

Business type:

Personal brand & Webinar funnel


$15789.60 spent, 15480 leads in 48 days.

How can I help you?

Whether you want to have all your marketing done for you, looking to maximize your sales while decreasing the CPA, receive the proven cosnulting in generated leads and sales, or learn how to do it yourself, we have you covered.